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About us

Who are we?

We are a training company that has been changing the approach to language learning with corporate clients for over 20 years.

Our knowledge and experience, gained during cooperation with major companies, has led us to create a language verification service for recruitment and HR processes - Language Assessments by Accent for Professionals.

What drives us?

Language Assessments is a unique service because it was created based on the needs reported to us by our clients. As in the case of foreign languages, mutual understanding in business makes it possible to build lasting business relations.

We respond to the high demands of the Business Services industry, guided by our internal drive to deliver the highest quality language services.

Why trust us?

We have built a team of professional linguists, experts in the field of competency assessment. We have created from scratch our own online tool for arranging assessment calls and added a pinch (or, in fact - a whole handful) of great and committed customer service.

This is how Language Assessments by Accent for Professionals was created. Each day we are happy to share it with our clients.


We have been in the industry for over 23 years, but we are still eager to learn, changing and adapting to the realities of the fast paced business world, your needs and market requirements.


Our dedicated online LA Tool significantly speeds up the process of linguistic verification and facilitates the management of employees' competences.

and consulting

You will never walk alone. We provide advice, match the best solutions to your needs and help at every stage of the project. Our customer service department will always look after you.


Change is the only constant. The world never stands still - we closely follow trends and continue developing our company every day in order to best help you with any linguistic challenges you may face.