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About the service

What exactly is the process
of verifying language skills?

We provide consultation, choose the best solutions and help at every stage of your project.
Our solution significantly speeds up the verification of language skills and facilitates the management
of the competences of your employees and job candidates. What are the steps in our process?

Customer Support at every stage

Personalization of tests according to your guidelines and needs

Adding verified persons to the LA Tool platform

Choosing the type of linguistic verification

Carrying out the test

Verification by our linguists

Preparing a report on the candidate's test within 24 hours

max. 24 h

Personalization of the test

We treat the needs of each of our clients individually. Before making you an offer, we conduct a detailed survey in order to get to know your expectations as well as possible and define the requirements for the linguistic verification of your employee or a job candidate. We place special emphasis on industry-specific business language.

Speaking skills test

Verification of spoken language skills is carried out remotely via a telephone / Skype call. Our linguists check language proficiency. The interview scenario is adapted to the client's industry and the position for which the candidate is being recruited.

Written test

We approach each project individually. We will prepare a dedicated test for you, taking into account the specific language competences used in a given position.

Platform - LA Tool

Platform - LA Tool

You get full control and overview of your candidates or employees thanks to the LA Tool platform. You simply add employees and candidates, and we take care of the rest.

  • You can use the LA Tool as an independent tool or integrate it with your own recruitment system. Our platform can be connected via API with the majority of the most popular ATS and HRIS solutions on the market.
  • You can control and manage the entire process in a simple and intuitive way
  • You have access to the history of verification of your candidate database and employees up to six months back.
  • Individual and summary reports all in one place.

Why do we offer best quality results?


The quality of our tests is absolutely crucial. Our oral and written tests, as well as the assessments of our linguists, are fully compliant with CEFR standards - the European System for the Description of Language Education, which defines levels of skills in a foreign language. The CEFR scale is the foundation for our work, but our methodologists have further refined it by dividing the CEFR levels into even more precise proficiency assessments. This is to ensure that each report we prepare is as reliable as possible and provides the client with answers to all questions regarding the candidate's language proficiency.

Experience and professionalism

Verification is carried out by a team of experienced linguists who can assess the language proficiency skills of candidates in 36 languages. Our language background allows for a more reliable and precise verification of competences. Our many years of experience is an additional guarantee of the highest quality results.

Quality control

The quality of our assessment is constantly verified by project methodologists, who supervise the tests at random to ensure that all grades are CEFR compliant. At least once a year, the entire team is calibrated by methodologists to make sure that the assessments are objective and do not deviate from the standards. Training and methodological support are provided to our assessors at every stage of their work in the Language Assessments project.


Due to the fact that our conversations are conducted through an audio call (and not a video call), we exclude the possibility of the so-called unconscious bias that may to an extent affect the perception of the person being tested, and thus, their final evaluation. Verification by phone call or Skype allows the examiner to fully focus on the language skills of the tested person.


You can also be sure that the verification of language skills will be reliable and credible thanks our safeguards against the potential of respondents being dishonest. The number of technological solutions which we utilize effectively prevents the use of such tools as content translation plugins, in addition to copying texts, sending tests to other people and other dishonest practices.

Customer Support at every stage of the process

We see proactive customer service as the absolute foundation for successful cooperation. We provide advice, match the best solutions to your needs and help at every stage of the project. You can count on our support - we will answer all questions, explaining the subtleties of the service, laying out the following steps to be taken, and solving technical problems.

The test report is available in up to 24 hours

After each verification we will generate a detailed language proficiency report. You have access to individual and summary reports in the LA Tool.

The report includes:

descriptions of specific
language skills

a list of strengths
and weaknesses

a comprehensive
assessment on
the CEFR scale

the linguist's

Individual report

Summary report

You have access to individual and summary reports in the LA Tool.