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Frequently Asked Questions

About the service

What is Language Assessments by Accent for Professionals?

Our service consists in supporting recruitment and HR processes, and verifying language skills through oral and written tests.

Who are Language Assessments for?

Our solution is dedicated to the employees of recruitment and HR departments in large companies and corporations who need to evaluate the skills of job candidates and employees.

What skills can Language Assessment services verify?

We check the skills and fluency of using a foreign language in speech and writing.

What languages are the tests conducted in?

Our team of linguists is able to verify skills in 36 languages.

LA Tool platform

How will my access to the LA-Tool platform work?

Each company that works with us has its own account on the LA-Tool platform, to which the profiles of recruiters / employees ordering verifications will be linked. At any time, you can request that a user be added, remove their access or change their permissions to view tests.

How many candidates can I verify?

It all depends on your recruitment needs. The LA-Tool platform does not have a set verification limit and you can order as many assessments as you need at any time. If your recruitment needs are growing, let us know and we will increase your access to our services.

Do I have to re-enter all the candidate’s data for each test?

No, it is enough that you enter the candidate's data into the system once, and then you have the option of adding oral and written tests for the candidate in different languages.

Does the LA-Tool platform permit viewing the candidate's previous results?

Based on our many years of experience in teaching languages and assessing language proficiency levels, our methodologists have determined that test results are valid for approximately 6 months after verification. After this time, the verification should be repeated. Therefore, we store the data of the candidates and their results for up to 6 months back (unless the candidate asks us to delete the data earlier). After that time it is irretrievably deleted.

Is the LA-Tool platform suited to work in time zones other than CET?

Yes, the platform works correctly in all time zones, and what is more, a number of improvements have been implemented to make it easier for recruiting teams to navigate between different time zones. So, even if your team is scattered all over the world, the LA-Tool will do whatever it takes to keep your work flowing smoothly.

Tested skills

How is the placement interview done?

The interview is conducted by one of our linguists over the phone. The linguist asks questions based on a conversation scenario agreed on with the client in advance, but because it is a real-time conversation, they can react and adapt the questions to the candidate's level and answers on an ongoing basis, which enables them to make a comprehensive diagnosis of the candidate's skills.

Can you tailor the interview scenario to my industry?

Yes, we treat each client individually, and before you start using our services, we also agree on an interview scenario so as to be sure that it will check exactly the language which is used every day in your business.

Can the interview take place over a video call?

The highest priority of our verifications is to carry out an objective level assessment; therefore we try to eliminate all situations in which so-called "unconscious bias" may occur, i.e. an unconscious positive or negative attitude towards the other person. The occurrence of unconscious bias is much more probable when one sees the person one is talking to, which is why our interviews are carried out only over an audio connection.

What does the written test look like?

As in the case of oral tests, our methodologists conduct an analysis of the client's needs first so that they can adjust our offer to your requirements. There is no single pattern of written verification. There are situations where a multiple choice test and a short written test are enough to assess the candidate's level. In other cases, a listening test is called for - tell us about yourself and your business, and we will tailor the tests to make them as reliable as possible.


What exactly will I get after the linguistic verification process?

After each verification, you will receive an extended competency report from us, in which the linguist will comment on each of the tested language competences and the candidate's level in relation to the CEFR scale.

Is it possible to tailor the report to the needs of my business?

Yes, if our standard report does not meet your requirements, our methodologists will create a report dedicated only to your company, taking into account all your requirements.